Championship Networking Tip – Broaden Your Scope

Written By Eric Shaw
Your Host Christie Philips

Championship Networking Tip: Attend as many follow-up networking events as possible. You must continue to be noticed by those in influence. Charity events are particularly advantageous.

The Moods of Casting Directors

Written By Lizzie Maxwell
Your Host Judy Echavez

The Moods of Casting directors or Casting Directors are Human.

Audition Hell: Level Six – Parting Shots

Written By Elias Stimac
Your Host Dan Woren

Lets say you make it through the actual audition. It’s not over yet!

Championship Networking Tip – Link to Power with Christie Philips

Written By Eric Shaw
Your Host Christie Philips

Networking tip: Get to know the prominent speaker or guest of honor at an engagement.


Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari

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