Marty Allen interviewed by Pepper Jay

Your Host Pepper Jay

Marty Allen interview with Pepper Jay for Actors Reporter.

Playground of Dreams: Charity for Children, 2nd Anniversary Event

Playground of Dreams is the Premiere Kids Leadership Company in the World   Mobile Version Actors Reporter Host Kurt Kelly on the Playground of Dreams red carpet with POD Youth and ( in order of appearance) founder Anna Herbert, actor Martin Kove, actor Dashiell “Dash” Mihok, voice actor Dean White, Los Angeles Police Officer Julie […]

Exclusive Interview with Actor Martin Kove

Exclusive Interview with Actor Martin Kove with Actors Reporter. Actors Reporter is an ezine on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

AFM Interview of Actor Producer Martin “Marty” Kove

Your Host Kurt Kelly

AFM Interview of Actor Producer Martin “Marty” Kove

Actors Day in LA follows Matthew Ziff to set of Six Gun Savior with cast including Eric Roberts and Marty Kove

Your Host Brenda Epperson

Six Gun Savior, a super-natural western: In a time of Outlaws … One man rides to the gates of Hell. Starring Matthew Ziff, Eric Roberts, Martin Kove, Laurence Ziff, Frank Zanca, Lorraine Ziff, Blaine Gray, and host Brenda Epperson.


Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari

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