Marilyn Monroe

Red Carpet Premiere – Marilyn and Sinatra, by Sandro Monetti

Your Host Laura-Beth Hill

Red Carpet Premiere – Marilyn and Sinatra, by Sandro Monetti. Actors Reporter is a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

Exclusive: photographer Douglas Kirkland on his private session with Marilyn Monroe

Your Host Danika Quinn

Douglas Kirkland’s latest book: “An Evening with Marilyn.” No one had an exclusive photography session with the legendary Marilyn Monroe like this.

Exclusive Interview with Veteran Actress Francine York

Your Host Joe Sabatino

Actress and long-time sex symbol Francine York reveals experiences working with Elvis Presley, George Peppard, Nicholas Cage, Jerry Lewis, Marlon Brando, and …

A Weekend Tribute to actor Don Murray – inside info on Marilyn Monroe

Your Host Tim Abell

MidCentury Productions presents A Weekend Tribute to Don Murray – Oscar-Nominated for his role in Bus Stop opposite Marilyn Monroe and star of dozens of films.


Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari

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