Actors Day in LA on red carpet with Tanna Frederick’s Project Save Our Surf and the Eco Chic Fashion Show

Your Host Anush Hovsepyan

Project Save Our Surf helps keep our oceans clean. With Tanna Frederick, Daryl Hannah, Kyle Massey, Mary Grace, Bob “Chuy” Madrigal, Pam Johnson, Yarib Dheming, Stephen Smith, Rachel Dakota, and Michelle Mellinger

Red Carpet – Kat Kramer’s Films That Change The World – Elephants + Man

Your Host Desiree Anderson

CHER, Billy Bob Thornton, Lily Tomlin
and other celebs support Kat Kramer’s
Films That Change The World” which presented
World Premier at Sunset-Gower Studiios
of “Elephants + Man: A Litany Of Tragedy”

Entertainment Industry Related Events September 2010

Your Host Mary Jo Gruber

Entertainment Industry Related Events May 2010

Multiple Intelligences – Interpersonal: To think about and understand another person

Written By C Branton Shearer
Your Host Solara Key

Multiple Intelligences is a column on Actors Reporter, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.


Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari

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