Ascend Conference – Forever Free with Michele Bachmann

Your Host Brenda Epperson

Ascend Conference 2014: America is a free nation, but across this country, millions of women are slaves to addiction, shame, anxiety, insecurity, fear of failure, and more. We all dream of independence, but the price of personal freedom is costly. How about you?

Exclusive Interview at Home with Kevin Sorbo

Your Host Brenda Epperson

Actor & author Kevin Sorbo talks about his career, his almost death experience, and his book, True Strength. Interviewed by actress Brenda Epperson (The Young and the Restless)

Actors Reporter Coverage of the 16th Annual PRISM Awards

Your Host Tim Abell

The 16th Annual PRISM Awards celebrating the ART of making a difference with Actors Reporter Host and Former Army Ranger Tim Abell.

Exclusive Interview with Jeff Mudgett, author of Bloodstains and Emmy-Nominated actor Kim Estes

Your Host Kim Estes

Kim Estes of the Actors Reporter interviews Jeff Mudgett, author of Bloodstains. Jeff found out that he was related to Jack the Ripper and decided to look into that famous villain.

THE SAD SIDE OF LOW CARB DIETING with 11 year old Dharbi Jens

Written By Christine Avanti
Your Host Dharbi Jens

Too much fat and protein may reduce your levels of mood boosting serotonin, leaving people feeling depressed


Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari

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