Meet Your Hosts


Desiree Anderson


Desiree also attends events and interviews celebrities and others in the industry on and off the red carpet.

Judy Echavez


Judy is also your Host of the column, "Little Fish in a Big Pond", a support guide for actors.

Brenda Epperson

Actors Entertainment Host

Brenda Epperson is a successful actress, model, and singer.

Kim Estes

Interviews, ActorsE Chat

Kim is also your Host of "Ferrari EQUITYpodcast", bringing you interesting ACTORS Equity stories that didn't hit the headlines.

Kurt Kelly


Kurt is also an experienced Voice Over Actor based out of Los Angeles, California and the Founder and CEO of live video inc.

Nina Fehren


Nina is also your Host of the column, "Being Beautiful Inside & Out".

Maria Felipe


A reporter and host extraordinaire, Maria keeps us up-to-date with her big smile and entertaining ways.

John Michael Ferrari

John is also the Co-Director of the site.

John is your co-Host of the column, "Dynamic Song Performance Skills". Also, this site was John's idea.

Mary Jo Gruber

Tradevine, Actorse Chat, the tradevine

Mary Jo is also your Host of "Calendar Girl & Events". Mary Jo regularly attends events and interviews the industry on the red carpet.

Brett Howell

Brett is also your Host of "Hot Topic", providing links to every angle of a current controversy. Also catch Brett interviewing players in front of and behind the camera and on the red carpet events.

Judith Jones

ActorsE Chat

Judith is also your Tuesday morning host of "ActorsE," a live chat show on Actors Entertainment.

Pepper Jay

Interviews, ActorsE Chat

Pepper is also your co-Host of the column, "Dynamic Song Performance Skills".

Kelly Lester


Kelly is also an award-winning theatre actress.

Marta McGonagle

Interviews, Hi i'm marta

Marta is also your Host for "Hi, I'm Marta!" sharing thoughts and inspiration on a variety of subjects with actors, writers, directors, or anyone pursuing a passion.

Cerris Morgan-Moyer

Actorsentertainment Host

Cerris is also one of your Actors Entertainment hosts.
IMDb page for Cerris Morgan-Moyer
About: Originally from England, Cerris Morgan-Moyer enjoys performing in films, TV, and the legitimate stage.

Danny Pardo


Danny is also your Host of "Ferrari AFTRApodcast", bringing you interesting & informative AFTRA news & highlights not usually covered by other media.

Christie Philips


Christie is your Host of the column, "Championship Networking". Christie is also the world grappling champion.

Danika Quinn

Interviews, the tradevine

Danika is also your Host of "The TradeVine", where weekly, Danika shares with you articles in the Industry trades that you might have missed.

Joe Sabatino

Interviews, actorse Chat

The quintessential working actor, Joe shares stories of interest with his fellow actors.

Yi Tian

Interviews, actorse chat, the tradevine

Yi Tian is an ActorsE Chat host. Yi is originally from Beijing, China, and can play both Chinese American and Chinese roles. Terrific singer, also!

Brett Walkow

Interviews, actorse Chat, the tradevine

Brett, a stand up comedian by day and by night, is also one of our ActorsE live chat show hosts.

Reggie Watkins


Reggie is also your Host of the column, "Nutrition for Actors". Also watch for Reggie at the red carpet events!

Dan Woren


The man of many voices, and personalities, Dan is also your Host of the column, "Career Cues".

Eric Zuley

Actors Reporter, Actors Entertainment Host

Eric Zuley is your host for Actors Report and Actors Entertainment.

Celebrity Guests/Contributors

Christine Avanti

Nutrition for Actors


Ann Marie Crouch

Being Beautiful Inside & Out


Pepper Jay

Dynamic Song Performance, actorse chat


Lizzie Maxwell

Little Fish in a Big Pond


Richard Rosser, Shane Sowell

Piggy Nation


Eric Shaw

Championship Networking


C.Branton Shearer, Ph.D

Writer, Multiple Intelligences


Charlie Scola

Party Charlie


Elias Stimac

Career Cues


Host Appearance Database


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