Ann Marie Crouch

Being Beautiful Inside & Out

After a 25 year career as a successful model and actress, author Ann Marie Crouch is now teaching the next generation of aspiring actors the techniques she used on set.

C. Branton Shearer

Multiple Intelligences

Dr. Shearer is a developmental neuropsychologist who received his master's degree at Harvard University and his Ph.D. at the Union Institute. Dr. Shearer is the creator of the Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS) which is used around the world to understand a person's intellectual and creative life."

Christine Avanti

Nutrition for Actors

Nutritionist Christine Avanti is a weight loss specialist and media resource. Christine has helped over 1000 clients to lose a collective 10,000 pounds.

Elias Stimac

Career Cues

Elias Stimac has been covering the acting and entertainment scene for over 25 years. His publication credits include BackStage Magazine, Drama-Logue, SNAP Magazine, and The New Times. He is also an actor himself, and has performed in over 100 stage plays and musicals.

Eric Shaw

Championship Networking

Author Eric Shaw is the President of All Cities Networking, Inc., a Calif-based org that sponsors a series of business networking groups for business & finance, international business, media, & real estate. Eric is the author of "Championship Networking."

John Michael Ferrari

Dynamic Song Performance Skills

Originally a singer/entertainer by trade, John Ferrari began as a professional photographer in the early 90's & then naturally moved to director and director of photography. John teaches song & acting performance skills in Los Angeles. Co-author of soon-to-be-published text, "Dynamic Song Performance Skills".

Lizzie Maxwell

Little Fish in a Big Pond

Lizzie Maxwell is a writer, actress, & filmmaker, living in Los Angeles. Lizzie is the author of "Little Fish in a Big Pond - A Support Guide for Actors".

Pepper Jay

Dynamic Song Performance Skills

Pepper Jay is a performance coach in Los Angeles, California. Teaching since 1973, first in public schools & then privately, Pepper coaches singers, actors, lawyers, public speakers, anyone requiring to be successful in front of an audience &/or cameras. Pepper Jay is the founder of Pepper Jay Productions (1990). Co-author of soon-to-be-published text, "Dynamic Song Performance Skills".


Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari

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