Actors Reporter at Spirit Summit 2017

Published: Saturday, July 29th, 2017



Spirit Summit



ezWay Broadcasting presents Influencers Panel at the Spirit Summit 2017, with speakers Pepper Jay, Fred Smith, Summer Helene, Brian Smith, Casey Thomas, Berny Dohnmann, and Dr. Emily Letran. Coverage by Actors Reporter, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.


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And a special thank you to Allison Hildebrandt Larsen and David Fagan and Eric Zuley for a terrific event!



Panelist Pepper Jay, Fred Smith, Barny Dohrmann, Shea Vaugh



Pepper Jay speaking at Spirit Summit 2017



Speaker Author Pepper Jay with Eric Zuley





Pepper Jay interviews Founder of Make a Wish, Frank Shankowitz



Bornsteins and Pepper Jay



Authors Pepper Jay and Dave Andrews



Pepper Jay and Mark Gerou



Shea Vaughn, Pepper Jay, and Tiffany M Garvin



Pepper Jay / Dynamic Song Performance





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Special thank you to David Fagan and Allison Larson

ezWay Influencers Panel produced by: ezWayMedia





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