Exclusive Interview with Actress and Human Rights Activist Mary Apick by Brenda Epperson

Your Host Brenda Epperson
Published: Monday, July 6th, 2015



Singer and Actress Brenda Epperson (The Young and the Restless) interviews Mary Apick, one of the most recognized Iranian actresses in the world and hard-working human rights activist.


Brenda Epperson interviews Mary Apick for Actors Reporter

Brenda Epperson interviews Mary Apick for Actors Reporter



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Mary Apick
Mary began her acting career as a child star in Iran. One of her earliest successes was Octopus, a long running television show where Mary performed in political and satirical skits that helped change and liberalize the society. Going on to star in countless television shows, feature films and plays, Mary became one of the most popular stars in Iran. She was the first actress in the Iranian Motion Picture history to win the Moscow International Film Festival Best Actress Award for her performance in Dead End, written and directed by Parviz Sayyad.


The Iranian revolution forced Mary to flee the country and find her new home in the United States. Here in America Mary starred in two critically acclaimed films, The Mission and Checkpoint. She also played featured roles in productions such as the NBC miniseries On Wings of Eagles and produced the MGM release, Mind Games. While working with her partner, Bob Yari, on the Academy Award winning film Crash, Mary expanded her involvement in socially significant projects. She continued her work with Mr. Sayyad in the famous play (KHAR) The Ass to have more than 400 productions of the play in different cities Globally thru the years.


Among many awards she recently received the prestigious ARPA International Film Festival Foundation Award for her Humanitarian efforts using the theater to mirror the true voices and the stories of the women of the Middle East. Theater has always been Mary’s greatest passion. In 2005, she wrote, directed and produced the politically charged Critic’s Choice play Beneath The Veil which was presented in many prestigious venues such as Lincoln and Kennedy Center and Geffen playhouse.


Mary has also created many projects for children, including A Fairy Tale In The Forest and Jewel of The Night, which gives the children of Iranian expatriates a bio lingual fairy tale show and an opportunity to learn about their parents’ culture and homeland.


Throughout her adult life, Mary has remained fiercely committed to improving the lives of women and children, especially in the Middle East. Through her work as an advocate for clearing land mines and reducing their use, and appearing as a spokesperson before the U.S. Congress and in all media, Mary remains vigilant and vocal in the pursuit of all freedoms.

Check out the acclaimed book “The Green Card Stories”, that featured Mary Apick. The book which won the “Best of Photojournalism Award 2012” which was presented by Mary to President Obama at the White house. This year she guest starred with Clair Danes in reoccurring role in the award winning Show Time television series “Homeland.”


Mary Apick on Actors Reporter

Mary Apick on Actors Reporter



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