Child of the 70s / Web Series, Season 3 / Red Carpet**

Your Host Sonia Harley
Published: Monday, May 4th, 2015



Actors Reporter host Sonia Harley on the red carpet at The Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, California, chatting with peeps about the webseries Child of the Seventies.

A child of the ’70s gets a job as personal assistant to his favorite ’70s TV star, who turns out to be a monster.

Sonia chats with Steven Roche (Executive Producer), Paul Belsito (Executive Producer, Actor), Michael Vaccarro (Executive Producer, Director, Writer, Actor), Tom Pardoe (Director), Geri Jewell (Writer, Actress), Ann Walker (Actress), Terry Ray (Actor), Pietor Angell (Composer, additional music), Chuck Saculla (Actor), Charlene Geisler (Producer), Dario (Celeb* Singer), DeAnna Cali (Celeb Actress), Judy Tenuto (Actress), Greg Lucey (Actor), Joey Luthman (Celeb Actor), Kat Kramer (Actress, Producer), Mike Hennessey (Actor), Laura Harden (Actress), Ralphy Mayer Hollywood (Sponsor), Doug Dangerfield (Editor), and Johnny V (Celeb Comedian, Actor).

* Celeb: a supporter of Child of the ’70s but not “in” the web series.

In season 3, we find out:
What happened after Vittorio crashed Carlo & Joe’s wedding?
What does Dr. DuBois find between Nickel’s legs?
Who’s Larry Lawrence trying to cast in the bedroom now?
Why does Carlo’s mother, Anna, look different every time he sees her?
Is the insufferable James Hunter still insufferable?
Is KiKi still an ego-maniacal lunatic?
And who is Krystle?
Who is Magenta??





**This event produced by Paul Belsito & Steven Roche and BRIDGE FALLS ENTERTAINMENT

Bridge Falls Entertainment

Bridge Falls Entertainment

Thank you

Kat Kramer in Child of the '70s

Kat Kramer in Child of the ’70s

Kat Kramer for the invitation!

View: Season 3 Trailer

Vieew: Full Cast and Crew

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