Actors Day in LA – Pepper Jay On the Set with Jasper Cole and Ralph Cole

Your Host Pepper Jay
Published: Monday, May 20th, 2013

Episode: 5.7



Ralph Cole Jr, Pepper Jay, Jasper Cole


Actors Day in LA follows producer and character actress, and performance skills coach, Pepper Jay, at her 2nd guest appearance On the Set with Jasper Cole and co-host Ralph Cole, Jr and guest Co-Host writer Becky Canady. Pepper Jay publishes the Actors Reporter and produces the Actors Entertainment shows, including ActorsE Chat on which both Jasper and Ralph were two of the over 950+ ActorsE guests.*


On the Set with Jasper Cole is an inside look at the entertainment business from someone who does it all! “Hollywood’s Bad Buy,” veteran character actor Jasper Cole


and his “way too gay” side-kick, Comedian Ralph Cole Jr


Each week, they air a behind the scenes look at all things Hollywood.


Part 1 – Mobile Version

Pepper Jay chats with Jasper and Ralph about her background, the acting industry, and about her live M-F show: ActorsE Chat


and how it got started and grew to more than 4.5 million viewers. ActorsE Chat is a show M-F about people in the industry: actors, directors, singers, comics and others in the entertainment industry.


Part 2 – Mobile Version

Ralph asks Pepper Jay what it takes to be a good teleprompter reader and Jasper asks about the variety of the talented Actors Reporter hosts.


Pepper explains the weekly TradeVine show


shot with a teleprompter to share a few entertainment news items viewers may have missed. Pepper shares hints about setting up teleprompter work and the importance of improv in and outside the acting world.


Together, they chat about performance skills Pepper explains the result of audience psychology skills for a singer to be a great performer.



Jasper, Ralph and Pepper discuss when, in acting auditions, an actor should use improv in auditions (“don’t make a meal out of it” Ralph reminds us) and Ralph, being the comedian he is, talks about his “in drag” roles.


Jasper shares that many directions expect out him when he plays the villain.


Part 3 – Mobile Version

Interview with Jasper Cole, who share how his successful radio show, On the Set with Jasper Cole, saw its beginnings as Jasper sharing his Hollywood acting experiences, including how he and Ralph Cole Jr met.



Interview with Tony Sweet, co-owner with Ann Walker of the Universal Broadcasting Network. Tony talks about UBN including his own radio show, On the Air with Tony Sweet, that has over 500,000 loyal listeners and is growing. On Air with Tony Sweet has spearheaded online radio. Tony share tips on how a radio show becomes a great radio show.

Pepper Jay and Tony Sweet


Interview with actor comedian Ralph Cole Jr., Jasper’s sidekick on On the Set with Jasper Cole. Ralph talks about the show’s improv “run away train.” Ralph also shares his upcoming projects, including the drama feature film, K-11, in which Ralph plays a transgender inmate and what it was like to shoot the film in a real prison. On the flip side, Ralph is in a wonderful award-winning short comedy romp, Dirty Talk, in which Ralph plays the intrusive waiter.


More about Pepper Jay on her IMDb page:
Pepper Jay on IMDb


More about Jasper Cole on his IMDb page:
Jasper Cole on IMDb


More about Ralph Cole Jr on his IMDb page:
Ralph Cole Jr on IMDb


* Guest appearance of Jasper Cole on ActorsE chat with celebrity host Yi Tian at
Jasper Cole guests on ActorsE Chat

Jasper Cole & Yi Tian on ActorsE Chat


* Guest appearance of Ralph Cole Jr on ActorsE chat with comic host Brett Walkow at
Ralph Cole Jr guests on ActorsE Chat

Ralph Cole Jr, Brett Walkow, & Pepper Jay on ActorsE Chat



Visit On the Set with Jasper Cole internet radio at On the Set with Jasper Cole



Actors Day in L.A. is a show on Actors Reporter, a channel of the Actors Podcast Network (APN), a Pepper Jay Production.

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  1. Lori says:

    Thank you soo much for sharing this. What a wonderful show with Pepper Jay. Pepper ~ you look fantastic. Thank you to all! I reallly enjoyed these.

  2. Diane says:

    You look gr8 Pepper. Thanx 4 the good info! If the rest of the entertainment world were as sharing as you … we’d all be in a better place!

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