AFM Interview with Actor Paul Sampson

Your Host Kurt Kelly
Published: Tuesday, December 17th, 2013


Actors Reporter and Live Video Inc host Kurt Kelly interviews Actor Paul Sampson.


Watch Interview of Paul Sampson

Paul Sampson and Kurt Kelly

Paul Sampson and Kurt Kelly


Interestingly, Paul holds a Master of Business Administration Degree in Finance, drove his motorcycle from New York City to Maine while wearing a Gorilla costume…it wasn’t Halloween!, and he has never lost an eating contest. Paul also teaches basic acting to children 8 years and older with Autism Spectrum Disorder. And, he doesn’t own a TV. Paul’s latest project is True Cross. Here lies a tale of passion, loyalty, deceit, betrayal…and revenge. They were Warriors. They were Crusaders. Under the leadership of the righteous GREGOIRE, this band of brothers in the Holy Order of the Knights Templar selflessly fought back-to-back, defending GOD and the “True Cross.” Until one dark night of utter betrayal… Glorious was their victory that night, gold their find. The spoils were to be taken to their Grandmaster for use in furthering their “Cause.”
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