Exclusive Interview with Veteran Actress Francine York

Your Host Joe Sabatino
Published: Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Episode: 4.2


Exclusive with Francine York

Francine York today


Actress and long-time sex symbol Francine York reveals experiences working with Elvis Presley (Tickle Me),

Tickel Me 1965


Nicholas Cage (Family Man)

Family Man (2000)














Marlon Brando and David Niven (Bedtime Story)

Bedtime Story (1963)


Bedtime Story (1963)

























six movies with Jerry Lewis

It's Only Money (1963)
























and many others.


Some of Francine York’s sexiest iconic roles include Niolani in Lost in Space












Lydia Limpet in Batman

Roddy McDowell as Bookworm















Sabrina Kincaid in The Doll Squad

Michael Ansara















Queen Medusa in Jason of Star Command












Venus in Bewitched












and the famous stagecoach scene as Marie Du Bois in Cracking Up.












Francine’s exotic belly dance for George Peppard in Canon for Cordoba put young men through puberty!












And, Francine’s portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars was probably the most realistic Marilyn ever, albeit in a bomb of a movie!

John Phillip Law














With over 120 movie and TV credits to her name, Francine York continues her active career recently as Evelyn in The King of Queens with Jerry Stiller, Las Vegas with Josh Duhamel, Mrs. Stanley in Miracle at Sage Creek with David Carradine, and as Aunt Bitsy in Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures with Glenn McCuen.


Francine York carved out a nice career for herself in cult movies, feature films, and television sitcoms in the 60’s and 70’s and her career shows no signs of slowing down!


Mobile version – part 1

Learn how dancing the belly-dance for her parents’ friends at  their parties really prepared Francine for what was  to come. Her Mother told her she would go to Hollywood. Francine chats about her response to not getting the starring role in the play Cinderella in the fourth grade but the evil stepsister instead … it was the beginning of a long successful journey.


Mobile version – part 2

How did Francine get to Hollywood? The journey begins –Winning a local beauty contest as MISS EVELETH to compete in the MISS MINNESOTA Contest. How answering an ad for sweater models in the MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE started her on the journey with destiny playing a huge role. Her experience in the MISS SAN FRANCISCO BEAUTY PAGEANT and Francine’s modeling at Macy dept store were major steps in her development. All in all, Francine York shares what it was like for a small town Minnesota girl to be thrust into the big-city world of sweater modeling in her late teenage years and early twenties, followed by her experiences as a showgirl in the famous Moulin Rouge and Bimbos.


Mobile version – part 3

Francine tells why she was a bad girl, In her first movie SECRET FILE HOLLYWOOD that is.She was greeted in her home town for the premier with banners in the street saying “welcome home Francine”. Her first meeting with Jerry Lewis at Paramount studios and how nervous she was. What Jerry was really like. Talks about Nutty professor and disorderly orderly and her last film Cracking Up which she Played a French Marquese of the 15th century. Working with ELVIS in TICKLE ME Francine shares her feelings about working with such an icon as ELVIS. Francine later was invited to Graceland in 2008 arriving in a limo- Playing an Italian with Marlon Brando and David Niven in Bedtime Story for Universal pictures. How it took twenty takes for one scene with Brando. Her cult appearance in BATMAN as LYDIA LIMPET with Roddy MCDowell as Bookworm.


Mobile version – part 4

Francine reveals her adoration of David Niven with more behind the scenes Of Bedtime story and Marlon Brando. Playing the The Noble Niolani IN LOST IN SPACE., AND WHAT GAVE the robot his personality. Her other guests roles for IRWIN ALLEN – THE FLOOD ADVENTURES OF THE QUEEN THE FLOOD, THE NIGHT THE BRIDGE FELL DOWN LAND OF THE GIANTS PLAYING THE QUEEN MEDUSA on JASON OF STAR COMMAND. Her guest starring on WILD WILD WEST despite Robert Conrad being shorter than her. How a producer discovered her a UNIVERSAL STUDIOS which led to Name of the Game and Run for your Life –Ironsides and many more. Her Italian peasant girl role at Warner Brothers and how she prepped for it in GALLANT MEN.


Mobile version – part 5

How entertaining at her parents parties doing the belly dance influenced her later life, which came in the form of CANON FOR CORDOBA in WHICH SHE GYRATES with a very sexy belly-dance wearing a pearl in her belly button. How shooting Canon In Spain changed her life. Her bedroom scene with George Peppard in the movie and how nervous she was. Behind the scenes with Nicolas Cage in FAMILY MAN and what he was really like.Her reaction to Director Brett Ratner. Her switch to comedy again in TV series KING OF QUEENS with Jerry Stiller and how she got the job in the role of Evelyn.And the challenging role of her life to play MARILYN MONROE In MARILYN IS ALIVE AND BEHIND BARS and her preparation for the part in hopes it would do justice to MARILYN’S Memory. Francine chats more about her part as Marilyn and has posted clips at
ActorsE Chat


Francine York on IMDb



WATCH FOR FRANCINE YORK – guest starring role on “Hot In Cleveland,” airing May 30th, in episode entitled: “What’s Behind The door?” Francine plays Lady Natalie, A British Soap Opera star!



Thank you Francine York for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this exclusive interview of your life. We look forward for more to come!




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6 Responses to “Exclusive Interview with Veteran Actress Francine York”

  1. […] a guest role on Hot in Cleveland with Betty White and did an exclusive hour long interview with Actors Reporter about her time in Hollywood where she discusses everything from working with Jerry Lewis, Marlon […]

  2. admin says: ROCKS!!

  3. amphotos says:

    I absolutely love the interviews with Francine….thanks for sending Pepper! I can hardly wait to photograph her! Francine is a real classic Hollywood Star!!!

  4. Diane says:

    Francine York, I remember you from Family Man. You have quite a range of talent. Thank you for sharing. Brings back lots of memories. Diane

  5. Polar Blair says:

    Hi Francine,

    I loved the Actors Reporter interview! It seems “Queen Francine” is a good title for you. Did you know I wanted to call you that many years before we ever made contact?

    It’s hard to believe any casting director wouldn’t just absolutely love you. In my opinion, actresses such as yourself are pretty ideal. There has never been a plethora of good-looking, funny women. The only new actress today who fits that bill is Katherine Heigl.

    I’ve always liked David Niven, too. The older he got, the cooler he got. The same goes for Cary Grant, Basil Rathbone, and Sean Connery.

    The King of Queens appearances are outstanding. I watched those episodes because you were in them. Awesome. I know they were playing you off as a “senior sex bomb” but DANG…works for me. If the show had stayed on the air, I think they would have brought back Evelyn.

    If you do a sci-fi convention, we might want to make an extra card with your Queen Medusa character. Queen Medusa looks even sexier than Niolani. That purple/pink outfit really works for you.

    Have a great night!


  6. Polar Blair says:

    LISTEN UP, EVERYBODY! Francine York has her own candy coming very soon! It’s the Francine York Holly Pop. Lollipop candy will be shaped like a big pair of lips and will come in a variety of colors and flavors! Included will be an authentic autographed glossy card with a photo on front and back. Six styles in all! Stay tuned for updates! ALL HAIL QUEEN FRANCINE!

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