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April to June 2012

Published: Sunday, April 1st, 2012


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April 1, 2012 – June 30, 2012
The following quarterly Host Appearance Database shares how our very talented hosts on our 18+ Actors Podcast Network shows are also having successful entertainment industry lives outside of the Actors Podcast Network. Enjoy.


    Joe Sabatino

  • Co- Executed Producer of Necessary Roughness (USA Network)
  • Completed shooting of TV pilot with Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis in untitled Ralph Lamb drama pilot (CBS)




    Pepper Jay

  • Completed shooting of trailer of The Call, a spec TV pilot about a crisis center. Directed by Rafael Killyan. Pepper plays the role of Sandy.
  • On The Set With Jasper Cole

  • Pepper Jay appeared as radio show guest On The Set With Jasper Cole, with hosts Jasper Cole and Ralph Cole Jr. Fun!
  • Pepper Jay was the voice-over role of Rib Lady in Ken Mora’s Magnum Farce.
  • Magnum Farce

















    Yi Tian

    L-R producer Josh Feinman, Allen Sowelle, actress Yi Tian, editor Kevin Bailey, and director/writer Devon Kenneth Lee

    Photo by John Wright JWrightPhotos

  • Yi Tian appeared in the lead role of Sandra in the TV Series Front Seat Chronicles, which won 2 Telly Awards, including the coveted People’s Telly Silver Award (their highest)!!!











    Brett Walkow

  • Executed producer of ClownTown.TV
  • ClownTown TV

    Magnum Farce

  • Stand Up Comedian – Outstanding complementary article written about Brett Walkow by Ron Irwan at the Examiner at on Brett Walkow

    Brett Walkow photo by John Michael Ferrari













  • Brett is recording voice-over of Detective Gay in Magnum Farce, written and directed by Ken Mora, also starring Larry Hankin. And catch the exclusive interview of Larry Hankin on ActorsE Chat at
  • Brett Walkow’s film The Hanukkah Mensch won first prize at the LA Jewish Film Festival

    The Hanukkah Mensch Sarah Lonsert and Brett Walkow













    Kim Estes

  • Appeared as the President in episode of Body of Proof.


    Judy Echavez

  • Appeared in her 4th episode of CSI: Miami


    Maria Felipe

  • Completed shooting of spec TV Pilot Madame Oola Mystery Series by Pepper Jay Production.
  • Maria Felipe is host on Maria Coconut TV





    Judith Jones

  • Completed shooting the role of Lucille Boyd in the biography Saving Lincoln, directed by Salvador Litvak.


    Danny Pardo

  • Completed shooting of spec TV Pilot Madame Oola Mystery Series by Pepper Jay Production.
  • Appeared as Rebecca’s Dad in thriller Pretty Obsession, written and directed by Michael Baumgarten, also starring Brittany Nicole Kovier and Lydia Pritchett.
  • Voice-Over for next DISNEY’S Animation Movie “PLANES” as, Blackout, an adorable and corageous rescuer BobCat, that forms part of a Team named The Smokejumpers.
  • Voice-Over for upcoming Video Game from the creators of GRAND THEFT AUTO
  • Voice-Over for Video Game ECLIPSE as the Cuban Commander, from the creators of CALL OF DUTY
  • Voice-Over for a Samsung International On-line Campaign in portuguese as a Soccer Narrator.
  • Lead Role on Feature Romantic Comedy: MY FABULOUS WINGMAN, produced by Michael Baumgarten.
  • Host for Educational Company The Friedman Group for their Training Videos






  • National Print Campaign for Microsoft for their new Smartphones



    Eric Zuley

  • Eric Zuley in new movie project (Swackers) with All Star Cast! Swackers



    Desiree Anderson

  • Desiree’s video, S___ Models Say reached 51k+ views. Written, directed, and edited by Desiree Anderson and starring Desiree Anderson and Devin Anderson.


    Dan Woren

  • Filming the voice of Captain Hand in Magnum Farce, directed by Ken Mora.


    Marta McGonagle

  • Began pre-production of TV movie, Only Fools and Horses, also starring Christopher Lloyd, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Christina DeRosa.
  • Note: Enjoy the guest appearance of Christina DeRosa on ActorsE Chat at ActorsE Chat


    Danika Quinn


    Danika Quinn her own radio show: Insider’s Health Radio every Tuesday and Thursday LIVE at 3-4p EST.
    Insider’s Health Radio



    Reggie Watkins

  • Completed shooting of TV thriller Blackout, starring James Brolin and Ann Heche.



Brett Howell

  • Just completed shooting a role in the feature drama Young Again in which an American-born Asian graduate student, Eric Young, is lured back to college baseball field one final time. Written and directed by and starring Roger Lim.

      Mary Jo Gruber

    • Mary Jo was in the movie Hardflip with Jon Schneider, opens in theaters June 1st, 2012. Directed by Johnny Remo. What happens when your life takes a hard flip? With no father in his life to guide him, teenager Caleb Jones goes skateboarding.








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