Actors Reporter Coverage of NATPE 2012

Published: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012



NATPE 2012 coverage on Actors Reporter.


NATPE – Content First is a global, nonprofit organization committed to serving as a catalyst for the content revolution, operating and managing the only U.S.-based global content marketplace. NATPE stands for the National Association of Television Program Executives.


NATPE 2012 is the destination where creativity meets connectivity and commerce. Held this year at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach on January 23-25, NATPE 2012 provides a first look at fresh content and gives industry leaders a jump-start on monetizing projects.


Interview with Philip E. Hopkins & Ralph E. Stevens Co-Presidents of Film Chest Media Group.
Oran Turner, VP of Business Development, Digital Media Distribution.

Kurt Kelly, Philip E. Hopkins,
Ralph E. Stevens


Chat with Alberto F. Mascaro, Director of Latin America Division, Voice Of America, Luis Torres-Bohl, President, Mexicanal Network, and Tim Kelly, Vice President of Business Development, Performance One Media.

Alberto F. Mascaro Voice of America

Tim Kelly, Luis Torres-Bohl, Kurt Kelly


Interview with Gatsby Gottsch, Executive Vice President, Rural Media International, Robert B. Becker, Principal, The Promotional Media Exchange, and Katherine Lawler, Manager / Finance, Tricord Media at NATPE 2012.

Gatsby Gottsch, Kurt Kelly


Steve Swasey, VP – Corporate Communications, Netflix, Bryant Clark, CEO – Global Branding Organization, Vitalize Media, and Rick Feldman, CEO, NATPE with Actors Reporter host Kurt Kelly.

Kurt Kelly, Steve Swasey

Rick Feldman CEO NATPE


Interview with Barbara Musa Ruiz, Cable and Acquisitions Manager / Programming Department, Telemundo & NBC, Crystal Yang, Int’l Sales Department, CCTV, and Cheng Chunli, Deputy General Manager, China Radio, Film & Television Exchanging Center, TV Program Marketing Dept. Of China Int’l TV Corporation

Barbara Musa Ruiz, Kurt Kelly

Crystal Yang, Cheng Chunli, Kurt Kelly

Interview of Robin Fisher Roffer, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, BIG FISH and Chris Gonsalves, DEJA VU ENTERTAINMENT

Robin Fisher Roffer, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, BIG FISH (l), Kurt Kelly, Host - Producer

Chris Gonsalves, DEJA VU ENTERTAINMENT (l), Kurt Kelly, Host


For more information about NATPE, please visit


Party NATPE style:


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