Yellow carpet at the 4th Annual Feel Good Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California.

Your Host Brett Walkow
Published: Friday, August 19th, 2011



The 2011 Feel Good Film Festival is a three-day event that features films aimed at both adult and family audiences that highlight positive themes, happy endings, laughter, and capture the beauty of the world.



Part 1 – Mobile Version


Brett chats with Valentie Rodriguez, host of the opening night gala of the Feel Good Film Festival and star of “Happily Divorced.”

Valente Rodriguez and Brett Walkow


While on the “Yellow Carpet” he also chats with Jack Hill (Red Space/Secret Training), Everett Strom (Lego Parking Wars), Junie Hildebrandt (Driving by Braille), Manu Intiraymi (Driving by Braille)

Driving by Braille


Christina Lloyd (Driving by Braille), Taylor Rummell (Inside Out)

Inside Out


Tiffany Hurteel and Evan Powers (Lenny Morris vs. The Universe), Frank Ciraci (In the Key of Eli), Phil Scarpaci (In the Key of Eli)

In the Key of Eli


Ron Recasner (In the Key of Eli), Wesley Ruby (Music Speaks), Brent Huff (Hero), Aimee Wood (Hero)



Leor Baum (The Gran’ Scam of Things), Anita Borcia (The Gran’ Scam of Things), and Sam Burbank (Where’s My Stuff)



Part 2 – Mobile Version



Brett chats on the “Yellow Carpet” with Robert Ikenberry (Where’s My Stuff), Joe Saunders (Sweet Little Lies)

Sweet Little Lies


Kevin and Brian Flint (Catching Dreams)

Catching Dreams


Mike Ginn (My Wedding and Other Secrets)

My Wedding and Other Secrets


Sheila Daley (Brownie Points)

Brownie Points


Carolann Stoney (Women in the Dirt), Bill Cott (Short Film Judge), Adam Bogosh (Complexity)



Benj Thall and Albert Bugoff (Penny)



Laurie Weisman and Ross Levinson (Finding Kalman), Carol Caputo (I Rub NY)

I Rub NY


Valerie Weiss (Losing Control)

Losing Control


Jules Bruff (Part Time Fabulous)

Part Time Fabulous


Brian O’Neal and Yolanda Androzzo (Hope Is In Me)

Hope is in Me


and Jim Gloster (Aphasia).


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