Comedy veteran George Bettinger takes over radio with ‘The Mom and Pop Shop’ on Hotmix 106

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Published: Friday, December 9th, 2011

Episode: 3.13



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Comedy veteran George Bettinger has had a long, fruitful career in the entertainment industry. In 1982, he wrote, produced and hosted the television show, “Movie Magic,” which ran for five years from 1982 to 1987. After the show he moved onto doing radio and television commercials and soon became known as the famous voice of the Red M&M.

Bettinger is voice of Red M&M


Currently, Bettinger is known for spearheading his acting class for seniors, he finds coaching seniors especially unique since seniors have so many years to draw their experiences from, making the characters they create extremely real.


But that’s not all – Bettinger is still putting his radio experience to good use. He created ‘The Mom and Pop Shop on Dream Stream Radio – an online radio show that utilizes him and his family’s versatile talents in creating a crazy, zany cast who pop in out of his family run store. The show brings back nostalgic 50s through the 70s hits and features radio comedy skits in his unique characters and actor impersonations. The show gives tribute to the golden radio age– when the radio was the centerpiece of entertainment before television. But there is also a spin on this radio show – the talent interacts with the audience on their facebook page- creating a hybrid between old and new technologies. Bettinger calls his creation “a place where people can go to forget their worries, financial issues and stress.”

Dream Stream Radio


Bettinger’s work has gotten him noticed in the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel and recently NBC TV. He features famous celebrities such as Pat Cooper, Fran Capo, Julie Newmar and Vincent Pastore to name a few – and they have all stopped by “the shop.” It seems like nothing can stop George from pursuing different talents and his love and passion for his craft continuously inspires those who listen and learn from him.


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  1. CreatInk says:

    George Bettinger interesting and talented. gr8 coverage. Now I think I know him. Always enjoy your stories Actors Reporter.

  2. Harold says:

    I learned about George Bettinger from Actors Reporter. Now enjoy listening to him and LOVE his soda pop look!!!

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