Multiple Intelligences: Are you logical?

Written By C Branton Shearer
Your Host Solara Key
Published: Monday, February 1st, 2010



Solara Speaks – Power Thoughts

Multiple Intelligences

Episode 3: Math or Logic Smart!
Special guest: Yi Tian


Multiple Intelligences


Logical-Mathematical: To think of cause and effect connections and to understand relationships among actions, objects or ideas.

chess_piece To calculate, quantify or consider propositions and perform complex mathematical or logical operations. It involves inductive and deductive reasoning skills as well as critical and creative problem-solving.
Everyday Math: performs well in math at school
School Math: used math effectively in everyday life
Everyday Problem Solving: able to use logical reasoning to solve everyday problems, curiosity
Strategy Games: good at games of skill and strategy.


Welcome back to Solara Speaks: Power Thoughts, inspired by Dr. C. Branton Shearer of the Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting in Ohio. Dr. Shearer’s theory is based upon the work of Howard Gardner of Harvard University. 


According to Dr. Shearer, there are 8 types of Intelligence. Today, we will briefly explore one type of intelligence: logical or mathematical intelligence, with our guest ,Yi Tian, who has a masters degree in engineering and mathematics


Stay brainy!



For more information about Yi Tian, please visit:
Yi’s Website



Stay brainy!



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