Chinese American Film Festival 2010

Your Host Yi Tian
Published: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010




October 28th, 2010: The 2010 Chinese American Film Festival was organized by EDI Media Inc beginning with a red carpet at the Directors Guild of America. Yi Tian chats with actors, directors, and celebs on the red carpet including directors Zhang Jizhong, Alfred Cheung and Jiang Wu, actors George Cheung, Karen Han, Peter Kwong, Chuti Tiu, Oscar Torre, and Sun Zhou, and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Paul Ottosson.


On the red carpet at the 2010 Chinese American Film Festival


2010 CAFF Golden Angel Award Outstanding Films
A Tibetan Love Song 康定情歌
City Monkey 玩酷青春
The Color of Sunlight 太陽的顏色
Confucius 孔子
Go La La Go! 杜拉拉升職記
Huang Jia Ci Qing 皇家刺青
Love at Seventh Sight 七天愛上你
Qiu Xi 秋喜
Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You 流浪漢世界盃
The Lightkeepers 燈塔看守人
The Star and The Sea 星海


Best Short Film
Journey of A Paper Son 紙仔兒子
Outstanding Contribution Film
Pan Zuo Liang 潘作良


Outstanding Asian American Independent Film
Why am I doing This? 我為什麼做這件事?


Best Actor of the Year in China
Jiang Wu 姜武
The Leading Actor of “The Robbers”


Best Actress of the Year in China
Ju Wenpei 居文沛
The Leading Actress of “A Tibetan Love Story”


Best Director of the Year
Xu Jinlei 徐靜蕾
Director of “Go La La Go!”


Outstanding New Coming Actress in China
AiXinJueLuo· QiXin 愛新覺羅·啟星
Actress of “A Tibetan Love Story”
Outstanding New Coming Director in China
ZhaoYan GuoZhang 趙燕國彰
Director of “Cool Young!”


Photos by John Wright.


Festival Organized by:
EDI Media Inc.
1773 W San Bernardino Road, Bldg C #31-34
West Covina, California, 91792, USA
Tel: (626) 856-3889



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