SAG Insurance Rights

Written By Pepper Jay
Your Host Marta Mcgonagle
Published: Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


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SAG Members: Know Your Health Insurance Rights!

Visit the Screen Actors Guild Producers Pension and Health Plan office or visit to learn about your health insurance rights as SAG members and dependents of SAG members. SAG has done a good job of summarizing the eligibility requirements for its insurance benefits.

One of the primary benefits of working under SAG contracts is the availability of health insurance. Basically, there are 2 Plans: 2 levels of insurance coverage. Personnel at the SAGPH office can assist you in choosing under which Plan you may qualify. Ask the SAG office for the brochure called, “Summary of Health and Welfare Plans.”

There are also special rules for older actors (actors over 40 years old) and for senior actors.  

Also, if you lost your insurance eligibility, you may qualify for COBRA coverage. And, if you don’t qualify with any of the SAG insurance programs, use the managed care networks link on the SAG site for phone numbers that may be of assistance.

Take a moment and find out what SAG insurance rights are available for you. Plan for your future. Protect your health. Take advantage of what SAG has to offer.

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  1. jjellis says:

    Maria… What a lovely and expressive actor! You bring a whole new dimension to entertainment. All the best, Jay Ellis

  2. monikalazz says:

    Maria you really made such tedious insurance information actually sound fun and interesting!
    You made me pay attention to the whole video!
    Watching and hearing you actually made me wish I belonged to SAG again!!
    Nicely written and edited, thanks for making it funny!

  3. monikalazz says:

    Thank You for the laughs, you have entertainment written all over your latina face and body. Applause to PJP for getting the best out of you, good team work you all!

  4. admin says:

    You are easy, fun, & professional to work with … Thank you!

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