Exclusive Interview with producer attorney Bill Immerman on Film Financing

Your Host Brett Howell
Published: Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Episode: 1.1


Welcome to Interviews.
In this video article of Interviews, we have a very special guest, William J. Immerman, Chief Operating Officer of The Yari Film Group, LLC and its affiliated companies.
Mr. Immerman provides the Actors Reporter with a brief summary of film financing.

Bill Immerman’s career spans over 40 years with credits are too numerous to mention. In brief, after he was Assistant District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles, he entered the motion picture industry and never looked back.
Associate counsel with American International Pictures.
Senior Executive Vice President of the Feature Film Division of Twentieth Century Fox.
Vice Chairman of Cannon Pictures.
And, under contract to Warner Bros. as a producer.

Bill Immerman has established several independent production companies, including Salem Productions and Cinema Group In addition, he has produced or executive produced more than 18 motion pictures, including the Academy Award winner “Ray.”

Bill is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He has served as an arbitrator for the Independent Film and Television Alliance. And, he is recognized as an expert on the motion picture industry by many courts of law and frequently testifies in arbitrations and court cases as an expert.

That’s a lot, even in brief.

And now, please enjoy this issue of Interviews, and our video article on Film Financing, with guest, producer attorney William Immerman.

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