Believabililty is the key to successful performance

Written By Pepper Jay & John Michael Ferrari
Your Host John Michael Ferrari
Published: Monday, June 15th, 2009


Believability Is the Key to a Successful Singing Performance

A song is more than words and music. To be successful, a singing performance, just like an acting performance, must be believable. A true entertainer will transform a song into a total experience to be remembered and pleasantly recalled for a lifetime.

To achieve believability, song performance must include candid visual, auditory and sensory output. It’s an entire package that, together, results in honest sensual energy, sometimes referred to as “charisma.”

To arrive at true believability, you must find the performer within you without preconceptions. Understanding and perfecting the tools in your song performance toolbox allows you to tap into the creative spirit inside of you; the performer.

Please click on the Song Performance toolbox link for a list of the basic song performance tools.

See you on stage!

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2 Responses to “Believabililty is the key to successful performance”

  1. FirstRoundKO says:

    sorry i don’t believe a thing you said. :P

  2. sceneshoot says:

    Dynamic Song Perofmance: Helpful info about singing performance. And you, First, you’re very funny!

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