Chinese American Film Festival

Your Host Desiree Anderson
Published: Thursday, January 1st, 2009


Welcome to the red carpet for the 4th Annual Chinese American Film Festival, the Los Angeles portion of which took place on a beautiful November evening at the Directors Guild of America Theatre in Hollywood, California.

This month long event will screen 43 Chinese movies, ranging from recent hits, The Warlords and The Assembly to art-house titles, Sparrow and Loach Is Fish Too.

Celebrities and producers comment on the status of the difficulty of Chinese American actors to obtain work. Included in this video article are producers George Chen, Siu Ming Tsui, Paul Ottosson, and Mike Medavoy, actors James Hong (“The Day the Earth Stood Still”), Jimmy Jean-Louis (“Heroes”), Karen Han (“Kung Fu Panda”), Louie Mandylor (“Gerald”), John A. Venturini (“Surge of Power”), Nina Zuo (“The High Tower”), April Hong (“How to Make Love to a Woman”), Priscilla Wong (“Champion”), Gary Daniels (“Immortally Yours”), actor/director Daming Chen (“One Foot Off the Ground”), director Dai Wei (“Ganglamedo”), fashion designer Yves Castaldi, and many more.

The world gets smaller all the time. Trade agreements and
intercultural exchange have become the norm. The world of film can
help bridge gaps in communication, understanding, and appreciation.

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4 Responses to “Chinese American Film Festival”

  1. nina zuo says:

    thanks our beautiful hostess – desiree anderson, and the editor who wrote & edited the video, the photographer of actors reporter at the event! It looks very professional, I am so glad that I am part of actors reporter! give you all long, warm, big & tight hugs!

    this is how i feel, i have said it many times at chinese press conference here and china, although due to the leadership still very much in control in china, it has been altered many times to serve different purposes, my origional statement which is as following:

    ” china is my mother, america is my father, hollywood is my suger daddy & media is my lover! ”

    has been cut to the one short sentence: ” china is my mother. ” in order to be publised in china.

    my first lead role in american short movie – the high tower has been out late last year, i tried to publish our poster in major magazines over in my hometown – shanghai where i had received overwelming media support since the day one i started the acting career in hollywood, now finally i earned this theatrical credit, yet, we got the leadership totally disapproval of the movie, even the posters regardless of the depth of humanity because they do not really like to watch any chinese american to play ganster role on the world stage. this just motivated me even more to make another great film so we will reach chinese audience one day!

    meantime, due to our producer & directors hard work, our shorts have been acceted by many u.s. film festivals, as the result, i got my first best actress award in a short film@10th barebones international film festival. i only have one imdb credit, but it is the lead role, and this one got one award. my long time supporter – world jounal – the largest chinese american overseas daily newspaper published the news right away.

    the most comfort feeling came out from this is that american audience accepted me as a hollywood actress. although i speak english with accent, but in todays world, i found out that speaking universal language without accent is much more important.

    i am very proud & happy to be a chinese american, not only we have a lot influrence on international stage, can be the culture ambassdor and bridge the gap between west & east, but also we can always learn to combine the best of western & eastern culture, then, to create our own very unique style.

    Pepper Jay suggested I make a comment. Be happy!

  2. nina zuo says:

    Nina Xining Zuo: thoughts about 2009 chinese american film festival

    Today at 1:02pm | Edit Note | Delete

    although none of the movies i was in are either about china or directed by chinese directors, or with chinese film cast & crew, and my first short film award was given by american audiences, and the official in shanghai does not really appreciate chinese american actress to play either gangster or prostitution role, still i really appreciate government’s effort in terms of supporting chinese american film festivals.

    i know a few actors have been treated very well, including me and some french actors, french people did documentaries about french actors here in hollywood. and i receive chinese press support since the day one i left microsoft to pursue acting.

    earlier career years of director – ANG LEE, he got fundings from taiwan government to make his movies. few private sectors can compare their financial abilities with government, right?

    i know some chinese american directors chose to go back to china to shoot movie simply because they can not find funds here. so many US born chinese american actors go to china to pursue acting. last year.

    as much as l love my fatherland america, i found out it is a HARSH enviroment to FILM directors here, CAN U.S. GOVERNEMT SUPPORTS ART?

    i recently attended a top film festival, and really heart broken to see the scale of it, lot of people jammed in a small dark club to be in a closing ceremony…….and i saw the scam that long line of actors pay money in order to get a red carpet shot with fake media interview in a hotel…….WHY IT CAN NOT BE HELD in DGA? seems like prestigous directors guild of america are not designed for american film makers.

    can we learn from others? can american press support actors here when they have not received the award yet? can our studio lots, allow a little wine there just like i was at loreal commerial, french crew drank a little on fox studio set? the crew are happy & healthy ………

    life could be so much better if we constantly think it from different perspectives, then followed by creative actions.

    anyway, thanks chinese government to pave the redcarpet in DGA this year!

    i hope in future, more american film makers could be there. art is universal, regardless of anything, i simply appreciate any orgnization who supports it!

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