March, 2009

Actors Day in LA – Actress Marta McGonagle stars in Sor Juana for intercity kids

Your Host Marta McGonagle

Actors Day in LA – “Sor Juana” is a two woman show. Marta McGonagle plays as Sor Juana, and her partner, actor Eve Mueller, performs MANY roles and duties. Eve is 5 characters, sound and wardrobe during the 50 minute play.

Follow your dreams

Your Host Marta McGonagle

Marta McGonagle shares her experience of coming to Hollywood on her own with determination and spirit in her heart in order to live her dreams.

Black Gloves – Markiece Palmer executive producer

Black Gloves – Corey Summons, actor

Black Gloves – Remy Hou, co-designer

Black Gloves – Michael Spady, actor

Black Gloves – William Catlett, actor

Black Gloves – Reggie Watkins, actor

Black Gloves – Gary Private, actor

Black Gloves – Jes Meza, actor


Photographer John Michael Ferrari - Images by Ferrari

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