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The TradeVine highlights Entertainment trade articles including Variety - New ‘Flintstones’ Series in the Works From Warner Bros. Animation, Elizabeth Banks’ Brownstone Productions, By Joe Otterson
Composer Playwright Dennis Ray Poore Guests on Sidebeat Music with Host Jessica Leano.
Dance Judge and Choreographer Shane Sparks (So You Think You Can Dance)
ActorsE Chat with Author Dawn Higginbotham: Guide to Managing Postproduction for Film, TV and Digital Distribution
On the red carpet for the Producers Choice Honors at the Hard Rock on the Vegas Strip.
Luthier Garry Crooker guests on Sidebeat Music with singer songwriter John Michael Ferrari.
John Michael Ferrari writes fun emotional story-telling alternative country songs with a touch of sophistication and pop child-like wonder.
The eZWay TV Network now on Actors Reporter!
Exclusive Interview with actor Emilio Rivera on set of Ride Hard Live Free, actress host Pepper Jay.

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Exclusive Interview with Choreographer Shane Sparks

Exclusive Interview with Choreographer Shane Sparks. Actors Reporter Interviews is a Pepper Jay Production.

Roxy Shih – Award Winning Director – Interview by Pepper Jay

Roxy Shih – Award Winning Director – Interview by Pepper Jay. Actors Reporter Interviews is an exclusive interview show on Actors Reporter, a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Productions LLC production.

“My Early Life” by John Michael Ferrari

“My Early Life,” retro album by singer, songwriter, artist John Michael Ferrari and produced by Pepper Jay.

Exclusive Interview with Actor Emilio Rivera

On set of Ride Hard Live Free,: exclusive Interview with Actor Emilio Rivera by Actress Host Pepper Jay.

Marty Allen interviewed by Pepper Jay

Marty Allen interview with Pepper Jay for Actors Reporter.

Olivia Newton-John Interview by Pepper Jay

Pepper Jay interviews iconic singer actress Olivia Newton-John for Actors Reporter at the Las Vegas Fame Awards.





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Actors Day In La
Actor's Day in LA

Power Morphicon – 2016 – with Ann Marie Crouch as Princess Shayla. Actors Reporter is a channel on the Actors Podcast Network, a Pepper Jay Production.

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