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Voice Actor Kurt Kelly, often called "The Voice of Experience," is also the Founder, President and CEO of Live Video, Inc., which co-produces several projects, including the Famous Birthdays show on Actors Reporter.

Kurt Kelly - a shy quiet guy from the thriving metropolis of Cheboygan Michigan - is one of the most versatile and sought-after Voice Over Artist, Actor and Entertainment Professionals today. His many notable voices are heard daily around the globe on television and network promos, sweepers, teasers, movie trailers, commercials, documentaries, training presentations and radio imaging. Kelly's distinguished voice can convey authority, sarcasm, warmth, strength, confidence, reliability and trustworthiness. Conversely his dark, brooding ominous reads are perfectly suited for numerous video games including Sony Playstation “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm,” Kurt Kelly has appeared and been heard on Saturday Night Live, Nat Geo, Miracle Blade, The Bayer Group, NTV - Istanbul, Chevy, GMC, Disney, PBS and many more. Kelly is the Signature Voice for Sony Entertainment Television- Sony PIX Network - India.

Kurt Kelly also excels as a Producer, Director, On-Camera Host, and Entertainment - Technology Executive for his company Live Video, Inc. of Farmington Hills, Michigan. Kurt's credits include pioneering technologies that have helped to change the course of global communications, ranging from his involvement in pioneering some of the first live news broadcasts and concerts on the Internet using streaming technologies with no download plugins required in the early 1990's with University of Illinois, Voisaic, Microsoft, IBM, JPL, and NASA. Kelly's involvement has also extended to the global server mirrors live broadcasts with the Smithsonian Institute of the original Mars Pathfinder Missions broadcast live to the Internet. Recently, Kelly spearheaded the first ever real time live television broadcasts via WiFI using ipDTL in 1080P HD from Instanbul back to Hollywood for a simultaneous global live broadcast. In 1985 Kurt Kelly hosted the first ever global concert broadcast on MTV Networks of Richard Marx with members of The Eagles at The Palace in Hollywood CA.

Recently Kelly enjoyed great success with his sold-out "Acting and Voice Over Mastery Series" in Istanbul, Turkey, partnering with the Dialog Speech Communication Institute and Karmasik Ses Studios. Kurt Kelly is based in Hollywood, Ca and when not working enjoys "watching moss grow" with his girlfriend, gardening, traveling, and spending time with his many cats.


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