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Your Host Maria Felipe

Entertainment law attorney Jonathan Handel shares highlights from the SAG / AFTRA / AMPTP deal which affects all union actors.

SAG, AFTRA, AMPTP reach tentative agreement!

Written By Pepper Jay
Your Host Brett Howell

SAG, AFTRA and the AMPTP have reached a tentative agreement!

Pilots Overwhelmingly AFTRA Again

Your Host Marta McGonagle

AFTRA in prime time?
About 60 pilots for scripted network primetime programs will be shot under AFTRA contracts this year. With Jonathan Handel, Esq.

The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards nominating season has begun

Your Host Marta McGonagle

With the actor’s permission, producers, studios/networks, agents, managers, or publicists may submit a performance from 2009 for consideration in a category of the actor’s choosing.


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