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Published: Friday, February 26th, 2016


Welcome to the TradeVine whose purpose is to encourage the entertainment industry to read their trades: Variety, Backstage, Hollywood Reporter, etc. Enjoy learning about your industry.
Each Friday, The TradeVine seeks out a few of the informative trade articles you may have missed. Please visit the trade, itself, for the entire article.

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Back Stage, February 25th The ABC’s of Acting, by Cathryn Hartt.

Cathryn Hartt

Cathryn Hartt


Aspiration. Why do you do this? Where is your passion? What drives you forward to constantly be better? Something inspired you to do this and it needs to be strong enough to get you through the long days, hard work, rejection, and turbulence of an acting career. The fun days are easy. But what about those tough ones? Belief. Believe in yourself and your dream with all of your heart. Believe that you will land that audition every time. Believe the fantasy world of your character. Believe the next moment will be better. Believe in finding a new path when the old one dead ends. Believe. Have faith. Commitment. Whoever works hardest and shows up the most wins! The people who succeed don’t have it the easiest. They just get up more often from failure than others. What makes luck? Training hard to be ready if you get a break. Showing up more so that you have more chances. Keeping your eyes open in case there is a crack in the door. Having the courage to go through the door if you find that crack.
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Hollywood Reporter, February 23rd – Michael Wolff on Hollywood’s Falling Stocks: How Tech Companies Won “Hearts and Minds” and Changed the Game, by Michael Wolff.


Among the world’s many partisan divides, a passionate new one is between the longs and shorts in the media business. It’s two sides locked in a bitter war that reflects an ongoing propaganda campaign and self-interested agitprop. It’s FANGA (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Apple) against Time Warner, Disney, 21st Century Fox, Viacom, CBS, Comcast/NBC (the Congloms). Bolsheviks against the Mensheviks.So far, FANGA, with its simple mantra —”We are the future, you are the past”— is way ahead. And the Big Media stock prices seemingly are in freefall. The Congloms are at a further disadvantage: While trying to defend themselves, they also continue to fight a ceaseless, internecine battle of fiefs and ego. Every briefing on the part of a Conglom against the FANGA oligopoly invariably ends up being about the perfidy of other Congloms. In this — infuriating and bewildering to the Congloms — FANGA has beaten the media at its own game by stealing the hearts and minds of business, technology and media reporters. While the Congloms rail against their own employees, FANGA has developed a support system through industry conferences, social media, and the rewards and status it offers the industry press, all focused on that one message: data and functionality are the future, the hoary show-biz model the past. Read Entire Article Here



Variety, February 25th – Stevie Wonder Urges Young People to ‘Value Our Planet’ at Global Green Pre-Oscar Gala, by Andrew Barker.
stevie wonder


Stevie Wonder serenaded a crowd of industryites, do-gooders and goodie-bag-grabbers at Global Green’s 13th annual pre-Oscar benefit dinner at Mr. C’s Hotel in Beverly Hills, and was rewarded with a surprise of his own. Taking the stage with an event-appropriate new song titled “The Living Killing Life” – sample lyric, “Things you are hearing about global warming are not some fallacies” – Wonder segued into a rapid-fire half hour of his biggest hits backed by a two-piece band, from early career singles. After a set-closing jam on “Superstition,” Wonder was joined by his children, who presented him with the org’s Global Green Hero Award, prompting a brief speech in which Wonder urged “the young people of the new generation to value our planet everywhere they go.”
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