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Published: Saturday, August 6th, 2016


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Backstage – How to Be a Generous Actor—and Succeed, By Joanne Baron and DW Brown


The desire to be the center of attention can be so single-minded that there are actors who will sabotage the work of other actors who are doing scenes with them. Yes, it’s horrible. Yes, it’s inartistic. But that craving can so dominate some people that it will misguidedly cause them to corrupt an entire production.
Actors should want everyone they’re acting opposite to be at their best so that it brings out the best in them. They should try to make every project they are in as fantastic as it can possibly be; whether that means helping every performance to be topnotch or helping build the set. If you want to be a showoff, that’s great, but if you are playing a supporting character and you don’t understand that your function is to set up the lead, you’re going to be sadly surprised by the final cut (if not outright fired). This advice can seem counter-intuitive but if you want to get the best attention possible, figure out how your character serves the entire piece. Read Entire Article Here


The Hollywood Reporter – Rio Olympics: Ryan Seacrest Talks Security Concerns, Late Night Show and ‘American Idol’s’ Future, By Lacey Rose


Ryan Seacrest is days away from adding late night host to his already crowded resume. 
Beginning Saturday, the long-time American Idol host will debut his informally titled Olympic Late Night show, live from Copacabana beach. For two consecutive weeks, the hour-long entry will close out NBC’s day of coverage, with Seacrest interviewing athletes, recapping with experts and attempting to infuse some lighter lifestyle segments into the network’s coverage of the Games. “It won’t be quite as formal as the other broadcasts, which is fantastic for me,” he says by phone, “and you’ll get a little bit of everything.”
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Variety – ‘Frozen’ Broadway Musical Loses Director, by Gordon Cox

“Making the tough calls when creating a new Broadway musical is never easy, but this was especially painful,” said Thomas Schumacher, the president and producer of Disney Theatrical Productions, in a statement. “Alex Timbers is one of the most exciting and innovative theater directors I know, and we’ve proudly worked with him from my support of the early development of ‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’ through our work together on ‘Peter and the Starcatcher.’ Though we have chosen to go in another direction with this role, we are committed to seeing ‘Frozen’s’ tremendous theatrical potential brought to life onstage.”
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