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Published: Friday, August 12th, 2016


Welcome to the TradeVine whose purpose is to encourage the entertainment industry to read their trades: Variety, Backstage, Hollywood Reporter, etc. Enjoy learning about your industry.
Each Friday, The TradeVine seeks out a few of the informative trade articles you may have missed. Please visit the trade, itself, for the entire article.

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Backstage – How to Replenish Your Creativity, By Retta Putignano


Whether you’re an actor, writer, musician, filmmaker, or any other profession in the entertainment industry, being a creative type isn’t always easy. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to create something new, something better than our last project, something funnier, something more compelling, all while we’re bogged down by life’s daily tasks and responsibilities. But what if you’re stuck? Sometimes, motivation and inspiration don’t just show up. You’ve got to go out and find them.
Depending on your individual situation, utilize any one of the following ideas or a combination of a few.
Step away from your workspace
Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective, and removing yourself from your workspace can be key, especially if that workspace is in front of a computer. The average adult has an attention span of only five minutes, so a break can help recharge your batteries and improve your concentration and mood. Change your surroundings by going outside for a short walk. Have a seat in a park or on your front porch. This can clear your thoughts and provide focus or new ideas. Observe your surroundings—the people, buildings, sounds, smells, creatures. Use all of your senses. Let all of it in.
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The Hollywood Reporter – Brad Pitt, David Fincher in Talks to Reunite for ‘World War Z’ Sequel, by Borys Kit


Pitt is looking to his ‘Seven’ and ‘Fight Club’ director to potentially come in and rescue the project.
The sequel to zombie apocalypse thriller World War Z may yet come back to life.
The project recently lost director J.A. Bayona and, for all intents and purposes, looked like it was going to die on the vine. But producer Brad Pitt is looking to his Seven and Fight Club director David Fincher to potentially come in and rescue it.
Pitt, Paramount and Skydance have had meetings with Fincher to direct the follow-up, according to several sources. Read Full Article here:
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Variety – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicktoons, 25 Years Later. By Lamarco McClendon,  Maria Cavassuto, Arya Roshanian



The 25th anniversary of Nicktoons “Rugrats,” “Ren & Stimpy” and “Doug” has arrived! While these Nickelodeon cartoons stirred the imagination of many children, there are several behind-the-scenes tidbits that have gone mostly unknown.
Here are ten things you didn’t know about “Rugrats,” “Ren & Stimpy” and “Doug”:
All of the Babies on “Rugrats” Were Voiced by Women 
Phil and Lil are voiced by the same actress, Kath Soucie, who also voiced their mother Betty. Chuckie was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh, who was also the voice of Dexter in Cartoon Network’s “Dexter’s Laboratory.” Angelica was voiced by Cheryl Chase and Tommy Pickles was voiced by Elizabeth Daily. Read Full Article here:
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