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Published: Friday, August 7th, 2015


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Back Stage, July 30th – Why the Industry Puts Too Much Emphasis on Improv, by Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher.
Ellation TV


Over the last 40 years, improv has evolved from an elevated art form practiced by a tiny percentage of actors with extensive performance experience and training to the near replacement of basic acting training for most actors eyeing a career in comedy.This is unfortunate and problematic, nowhere more so than Hollywood.Rohrbacher has performed on every improv and sketch main stage in Hollywood multiple times over the last 25 years, so with personal knowledge of L.A.’s comedy landscape, he clears up the misunderstandings about what improv is and isn’t. Most importantly, it isn’t written sketch work.Actors new to Los Angeles are directed—virtually ordered—to get improv training on their résumés. Improv has its benefits, but on the pie chart of acting training, it’s just a slice.Improv training is not acting training. It is an acting training technique.It was not devised to be an end goal for performers.
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Hollywood Reporter, August 2nd – TCA Journal No. 3: Most Memorable Sessions…So Far, by Tim Goodman.
TCA Journal


The bread and butter of the TCA press tour is the panel/session — from 15 to 45 minutes on stage in front of TV critics and writers from around the country and Canada, featuring series creators, actors and producers taking questions and talking about what’s to come. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it does not. There’s no telling how it will go. But in general there are a number of ways to distinguish whether a session was memorable. Sometimes, it’s just one panel member being hilarious or informatively blunt. Sometimes, it’s an executive clearly stating a channel’s position or objectives for the near future. And periodically you get a session that is simply moving, or the main participant reveals actual personal brilliance or there’s a wellspring of profound interest that springs from a session that looked boring on paper. Check out the rest of the article to find out which sessions Tim Goodman found memorable.
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Variety, August 3rd – Chernin, AT&T Set Brand for New Online Video Venture: Ellation (Exclusive), by Janko Roettgers.
Studio films disappear


Otter Media, the joint venture between AT&T and the Chernin Group, is about to unveil a new brand for its subscription-based online video services this week: Ellation is going to be the new umbrella company for video services including Crunchyroll, Creativebug and SoompiTV, Varietyhas learned.While work on Ellation has largely been hush-hush over the past couple of months, its goal is to build between 30 and 50 separate niche online video channels appealing to highly engaged audiences willing to pay for premium content, according to multiple sources familiar with these plans. The unit is being led by former YouTube executive Tom Pickett.The Chernin Group teamed up with AT&T on Otter Media in April of 2014 to invest in and launch online video services.For Ellation, Crunchyroll is a kind of proof of concept: The service has been one of the success stories of paid niche content, attracting more than 600,000 paying subscribers. However, nobody knows how many of these superfan communities actually exist, and how many online video services consumers are willing to add to their monthly bill.
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