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Published: Saturday, April 18th, 2015


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Back Stage, April 13th – 2 Powerful Thoughts for Your Next Audition, by Craig Wallace.

Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace


You are in the audition room to share your work, not give away your power. And yet, so many times this is exactly what happens. There are so many reasons why this can happen. But, whatever the manifestation of powerlessness may be, here are two things to remember that will help you take that power back and be the job-getting actor you know you are. 1. No one else is you. The comparing mind can be a very harsh critic. No matter how good you think you are, the comparing mind can always find someone better or more right for the role. 2. You are the most active force in the room. An audience is stationary and receptive. When an actor is prepared, strong, and connected, he has the power to move that audience anyway he chooses.
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Hollywood Reporter, April 9th – Lionsgate, San Diego Comic-Con to Launch Online Video Service, by Etan Vlessing.
comic ocn


San Diego Comic-Con is going year-round by partnering with Lionsgate to launch a subscription video-on-demand service aimed at fanboys. The online service, the result of two years of talks between SDCC and Lionsgate, will feature exclusive archived footage from the past 45 years of Comic-Con, films and TV series from Lionsgate and other companies and original video.The fan base for the kind of films and television series showcased at Comic-Con has grown exponentially, and a subscription video-on-demand service is the ideal platform to capture the magic and excitement of the Comic-Con experience year-round as well as the perfect vehicle for Comic-Con fans to discover new content. Actors Reporter will be there again this year to bring you footage of the event.
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Variety, April 8th – Alex Gibney Documentaries Take Unflinching Looks at Major Celebrities, by Peter Bart.

Peter Bart

Peter Bart


Alex Gibney, whose documentaries have garnered an Oscar and two Emmys, suddenly finds critics and audiences both admiring and attacking his latest films. It’s hard to remember any other filmmaker, especially a documentarian, who has managed to become as prolific or as provocative. Robert Altman once said that he often changed his attitude toward characters in his films in the middle of a shoot. Gibney concedes a similar problem: He had actually completed a doc on Lance Armstrong before learning that the seven-time Tour de France champion was a fraud. He tore up his film and started over. His new version was titled The Armstrong Lie. By the end of his process, however, Gibney delivers compelling portraits of memorable figures — an achievement that sets his films apart from other docs, in which the characters disappear amid the issues that surround them.
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