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Published: Friday, April 24th, 2015


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Back Stage, April 23rd – How Industry Folks Can Give Back, by Retta Putignano.

Retta Putignano

Retta Putignano


Have you ever noticed that well-known actors and other celebrities are often involved in charities? By lending their names and their faces, they’re able to raise the awareness of that particular cause, thereby giving the organization higher visibility and more exposure. You don’t have to be an a-list actor in order to help a nonprofit, and you don’t have to make a financial contribution. By definition, a nonprofit tends to be member-serving or community-serving, and uses its revenues to achieve its mission. In Los Angeles, like many larger cities, we have the option of being able to give our time to organizations that are industry related. The Entertainment Industries Council provides information, awareness, and understanding of major health and social issues among the entertainment industry and to audiences at large. Additionally, Women in Film, Sundance Institute, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences are all fairly large organizations. Alternatively, there are also many smaller organizations that could always use assistance. For example, WriteGirl pairs professional women writers with at-risk teen girls for one-on-one weekly mentorship and monthly workshops based on different writing genres. If industry-related nonprofits aren’t for you, there are many other worthy organizations that provide much needed help in other areas: education, assistance for the homeless, protection of animals, human rights, care for the elderly, etc. Find a cause you’re passionate about and give your time and support. The organization will be grateful, and you’ll feel good about giving back. Everybody wins.
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Hollywood Reporter, April 23rd – George Clooney, Jeffrey Katzenberg and the Fight for the Future of the MPTF Country House, by Gary Baum.


Hollywood’s veritable Soho House for senior citizens is where Bud Yorkin still “felt like he was on the lot,” Liz Taylor and Sybil Burton made up, and a 104-year-old lied and said she was 102. Now, on the eve of its annual fundraiser, the beloved retirement home for actors and the industry faces escalating medical costs and a future where entertainment doesn’t generate benefactors like it used to. “Taking care of our own” has been the MPTF’s mission since 1921, when Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith founded the then-Motion Picture Relief Fund, financed by payroll deductions at the studios. The facility, planned as housing for the destitute — and primarily utilized by actors who hadn’t managed the transition from silent films to talkies — opened on the edge of Woodland Hills in 1942. It long has been a source of pride for a business often castigated by outsiders as morally suspect.
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Variety, April 23rd – Indie Newcomer A24 Hopes to Find Love for Low-Budget Slate, by Peter Bart.
peter bart-1


It was a stunt, but an amusing one. Tinder users at SXSW last month found themselves caught up in a dialogue with a hot 25-year-old named Ava, directing romantic questions to her Instagram page. Ava turned out to be a robot featured in Ex Machina, an indie sci-fi thriller.With the major studios mounting giant marketing fusillades behind their summer tentpoles, it’s easy to conclude that there’s no room in the marketplace for indie pictures. Hence an initiative like the Ex Machina caper inspires optimism.
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