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Published: Friday, January 30th, 2015


Welcome to the TradeVine whose purpose is to encourage the entertainment industry to read their trades: Variety, Backstage, Hollywood Reporter, etc. Enjoy learning about your industry.

Each Friday, The TradeVine seeks out a few of the informative trade articles you may have missed. Please visit the trade, itself, for the entire article.

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Back Stage, January 22nd – Treat Yourself and 4 Other Tips to Remember, by Rebecca Strassberg.
treat yourself


Need a little inspiration? Here are five tips to keep in mind during the week ahead! Present yourself as an actor. You are your own category of artist. Always refer to yourself as such, not a performer, so that you gain respect for your craft, career, and yourself and from industry pros. Keep money in the bank. How can you concentrate on the work when you’re too worried about getting the job? Be a proactive actor. To book an acting job means you have to show up totally prepared to get to work. Treat yourself. It’s important to give yourself a pat on the back. Being an actor is rewarding, but it can be hard. Plan something fun after each audition. Schedule it. An ice cream cone, a hike in Griffith Park, or a romantic rendezvous with your significant other will often suffice to keep you from living in the past by mentally replaying the audition or obsessing over the future result. See entire Article here

Back Stage,, January 23rd – 5 Simple Ways to Prep for Representation, by Sara Mornell.
prep for rep


You have four months to get ready to have great representation. It’s up to you to take this time as an opportunity to prepare. After pilot season passes is the time that agents look at their rosters and clean house, so to speak. That window is the time to get seen.
1. Do not spend your money on going to agent/manager showcases. Any agent who is legit and worthwhile does not have the time to do that during pilot season as they are busting to get their current clients auditions.
2. Invest in the most important thing actors need. A phenomenal head-shot.
3. Learn how to audition. Take the time to research who you’ll work with, their credits, as well as their testimonials.
4. Have a great reel or create content get it online. Keep the scenes short, sweet, and entertaining.
5. Find your essence and figure out how that makes you marketable. The second you walk into an agent’s office they should know how they can pitch you and see what kind of shows and films you would be working on. See entire Article here

Variety, January 22nd – Awards Season Sees Studio Films Do a Vanishing Act, by Peter Bart.
Studio films disappear


This is the time of year when film-goers addicted to awards shows find themselves asking, “What happened to the movies I saw last year?” Box office hits like Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy or even Gone Girl were among the missing, for example, at the Golden Globes. This year’s Oscar show focused mostly on movies hardly anyone in the TV audience has seen. And here’s where indie films get the last laugh: While Hollywood’s slate of 2014 tent-poles sustained a more than 5% decline from the previous year, the undernourished specialty sector last year enjoyed an uptick of like proportions. And Globes winners like Boyhood, The Theory of Everything and The Grand Budapest Hotel will likely fortify that gain. Ultimately, the financial rewards in the indie sector can’t come close to matching those of a Guardians or an Interstellar. But clearly the career gains are bountiful, and the trophies glow proudly on mantels.
See entire Article here



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