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Published: Friday, August 21st, 2015


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Back Stage, August 19th – 3 Reasons Your Auditions Might Be Weak, by Lisina Stoneburner.

Lisina Stoneburner

Lisina Stoneburner


Most actors strive to gain some form of insight and perspective on their auditions in the hopes of improving their process. To assist in gaining some general perspective, here are three things an actor could be more aware of when auditioning that could possibly be contributing to a weaker audition.
1. Self-tape syndrome. Actors who have spent the better part of their careers live inside casting rooms have an advantage. Self-taping has provided actors with a safe environment, typically with a reader they have worked with before, a chance to not only see their takes, but for many of them and choose and piece together the ones they prefer.
2. Poor script comprehension. When you do not understand the who, what, where, when, why, and how, you will be less believable. If you do not understand a phrase, word, or reference, look it up. You should be able to see the changes in a scene and identify the beats, the character’s objective, and find a pursuit of action.
3. Being too polished. Depending on where you are in preparation and what the piece of material is, there is sometimes a point at which you can prepare the organic moments right out of something. Being able to feel something new and genuine and being open for something unexpected to fly through you is what living in the moment is. Whether taped or live, leaving yourself available to experience something new is what makes you, the character, living and breathing the material for the first time.
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Hollywood Reporter, August 19th – Emmys: The Neck-and-Neck Race for Supporting Supremacy, by Scott Feinberg.


As awards night approaches, supporting actor categories have no clear winner. Jim Carter (Downton Abbey) Pro: Though many would struggle to pick this veteran British character actor out of a lineup if he weren’t dressed as Mr. Carson, Downton’s uptight butler, he has managed to score noms in four consecutive years, and was part of this year’s best ensemble SAG winner. Con: Downton isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and in light of the fact that he hasn’t won for it yet, it’s hard to imagine him winning now.
Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) Pro: This category’s only nominee for a broadcast show was previously nominated for playing slick lawyer Eli Gold in 2010 and 2011. Con: Voters seem to have fallen out of love with The Good Wife and The Good Wife, denying the show and Julianna Margulies noms that many assumed were assured. Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) Pro: For the revered actor who brings to life “half-man” Tyrion, the Lannister whose Olympic-level verbal gymnastics landed him on a rollercoaster of a season that led to Daenerys, this is a fifth nomination. Con: When it comes to this category, some have won one year, lost the next and then won the next, but no one ever has had gaps of multiple between wins for the same show.
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Variety, August 20th – Cinedigm’s CONtv to Live-Stream 15 Hours from Comic-Con Chicago, by Todd Spangler.
Comic con chicago


CONtv, Cinedigm’s subscription-video service dedicated to all things Comic-Con, will provide more than 15 hours of live-streaming coverage of Comic-Con Chicago this weekend — which the company is touting as the most extensive access of its kind to date. The live program will be hosted by standup comedian and veteran Comic-Con host Erin Darling and Fullscreen-affiliated YouTuber Andre Meadows of Black Nerd Comedy. Special guest appearances are to include cast members from “The Evil Dead,” “Mortal Kombat X” and “Tales of Halloween.” .
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