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Published: Friday, November 28th, 2014


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Back Stage, November 24th – 3 Facial Expressions Your Performance Can Do Without, by Kimberly Vaughn.
facial expressions kimberly vaughn


Emotions, like sound, are seductive. However, our emotions alone will not get us to the goal line. Your face reflects your soul. It’s that powerfully transparent. When you wait, listen for an internal cue, and trust it, what emanates from your hearts and souls is profoundly, personally yours. And, emotions specific to fulfilling your objective will emerge when they have an objective to ride out upon. This is what the creative team and your audience are waiting for — this marriage of emotion with objective.

1. Frozen forehead with railroad tracks. The emotion gets physicalized on your forehead, causing lines or railroad tracks. All our attention leaves your eyes to watch your forehead wondering what it is attempting to communicate. Without an objective the emotions dangle. They are not rooted and therefore not justified.

2. Stuck eyes with tense muscles around eyes. When the forehead is pulled up the eyes follow. What results is a deer in headlights stare which looks unnatural, uncomfortable, and stuck.

3. Madonna smile. A general, pleasant smile which has no specific connection to story. The easiest and most reliable solution is to choose objectives for your songs and monologues and trust that your emotions will follow.

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Hollywood Reporter, November 25th – YouTube’s Music Key Subscription Service: The Impact on Hollywood, by Natalie Jarvey.
you tube pay service


Video creators cheer a potential new buyer as Google bets on viewers paying for shortform content, but will anyone watch? Netflix built its company around subscription streaming video service. Hulu’s paid members helped drive it in 2013. So it’s no surprise that ad-supported video behemoth YouTube sees potential in a paid hub of its own. A music service called Music Key, is being welcomed by Hollywood content creators who see digital dollar signs. The Google-owned streamer’s service, could be just the beginning. The results of that quest could have huge implications for the creative community, which has been buoyed in recent years by such big-spending digital buyers as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. At the same time, critics of YouTube charge that its ad split with creative talent is too one-sided. But the question remains: Will viewers pony up for short videos they’ve always watched for free?
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Variety, November 25th – Spirit Awards Nominees: The 15 Biggest Surprises, by Ramin Setoodeh.
spirit awards


The Independent Spirit Awards were never supposed to be a harbinger of the Oscars, but in recent years, the booze-infused celebration in Santa Monica — held the night before the Academy Awards — had become just that. All the acting winners at last year’s Oscar ceremony picked up a Spirit first, and so did best picture champ “12 Years a Slave.”So it’s particularly confusing that this year’s Spirit nominations completely shut out what is supposed to be one of the season’s heavyweights: The Weinstein Co.’s “The Imitation Game.” While the Oscar voters and Spirit nominating committee don’t overlap, in a competitive awards season, these nominations do matter. It gently nudges voters on which screeners they should watch next and shapes the awards season narrative. For all of the nomination surprises view the full story at:
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