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Written By Rachel Bryson
Published: Friday, November 14th, 2014


Welcome to the TradeVine whose purpose is to encourage the entertainment industry to read their trades: Variety, Backstage, Hollywood Reporter, etc. Enjoy learning about your industry.

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Back Stage, November 12th – 7 Things to Which Actors Must Remain Open, by Craig Wallace.

Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace


Life is a constant flow of gain and loss, pleasure and pain, fame and infamy. The minute we think we have it all figured out and things are going our way…it starts to fall apart. There’s nothing wrong with this and no one is to blame; it’s just the rhythm of life. Being open to all of your experiences is an artistic job requirement. So stay open to it all…Here are just a few ideas from the article. Be Open to rejection. No matter how successful you become, you’re always going to lose more jobs than you gain. Be Open to hearing yes. After a series of no’s you can become mistrustful and anxious when you finally hear “Yes.” Your instincts of self-preservation can kick in and tell you to be careful about opening to the space and joy of yes. Be open anyway and enjoy it while it lasts. And finally, Be Open to sacrifice. It’s tempting to believe the advertisers and the misguided gurus who tell us that we can have it all. Or deserve it all. You can’t and it’s self-centered to try.
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Hollywood Reporter, November 12th – Berlin Festival to Pay Tribute to Technicolor in Retrospective, by Scott Roxborough.

BFF Tecnicolor

Berlin Film Festival / Technicolor


The Berlin International Film Festival will mark the 100th anniversary of color cinematography with a retrospective of the glory days of Technicolor.The 65th Berlinale will screen around 30 Technicolor classics including Gone With the Wind, Singin’ in the Rain and The Wizard of Oz. The retrospective will cover the period from the dawn of Technicolor in 1915, when inventors Herbert T. Kalmus, Daniel Comstock and W. Burton Wescott first developed the two-color process that revolutionized movie making, through to 1953, when the introduction of color negative film marked the beginning of the end for Technicolor.
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Variety, November 12th – Twitter to Add Native Video Sharing in 2015, Expanding Beyond Vine, by Todd Spangler.


Twitter next year plans to let users directly record, edit and share videos on the social service’s network — a step that could make Twitter a bigger rival to YouTube and counter Facebook’s stepped-up video strategy. So far, besides Vine, Twitter’s video play has been limited to media companies and advertisers, who are able to share clips on the service through the Twitter Amplify program. Twitter has been gradually rolling out a new way for partners to present video in tweets — via video previews that appear in the timelines of users, who can initiate playback with a single click (or tap).
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