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Actors Day in LA – Bound by Ad – a new kind of TV Series

Your Host Pepper Jay
Published: Friday, June 27th, 2014




A new sitcom where you – the audience – get to play casting director! We’ve narrowed it down to 18 actors vying for 6 roles. Which team of castmates stay and whose dream comes true, and, which go home, we leave entirely up to YOU!


Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream



Cast # 1:
L-R: Eric MacRay, Kelsey Sanders, Hilary Cruz, Ericson Just, Ashley T Brown, and Bart Voitila



Cast #2:
L-R: Alistair Tober, Kaiser Johnson, Whitney Rose Pynn, Courtney Hope Turner, Jessica Uberuaga, and Roscoe Brandon



Cast #3:
L-R: Lancaster Duplechin, Hannah Strohl, Myverick Garcia, Brian Fortuna, Elle Evans, and Cody Griffis



Bound by Ad is produced by Kirill Wish
Learn more at

Bound by Ad on Indiegogo





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