Ferrari AFTRApodcast – How an AFTRA actor interacts with the Union

Your Host Danny Pardo
Published: Tuesday, April 19th, 2011



Hi, I’m Danny Pardo of the Actors Reporter.  Today let’s talk about how an AFTRA actor interacts with the Union.  The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) represents professional singers and other vocalists, actors, news broadcasters, dancers, talk show hosts, disc jockeys, announcers, and other TV and radio personalities.  What are the responsibilities of the union talent to their union?   This is not a complete list.  Please go to for more current and complete guidelines.


However, in general:
First, union members who choose to secure the services of an agent are, generally, required to choose from a list of franchised representatives [i.e. those that are bound by the Unions’ Agency Regulations, SAG’s Rule 16(g) and AFTRA’s Rule 12-C, respectively]. The Unions can only protect you when you are represented by franchised agents.


Second, whether or not your are represented by an agent, make sure it’s a union job you are agreeing to do,


Third, file out the correct forms, including contracts and time sheets.


Fourth, take responsibility for your career.  Check or have your representative check on the status of your Union pension deposits from jobs you’ve worked.


Fifth, report to the Union if you believe the producer is not meeting all the obligations to the performers under contract.  And,


Lastly, report anything illegal or immoral on the set to the Union.


If you are a Union member, you might as well take advantage of the Union’s protections.


I’m Danny Pardo of the Actors Reporter.  Thank you for joining me for Ferrari AFTRApodcast.  See you soon.


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