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Published: Monday, February 15th, 2010




Get The Facts About Financial Core


There are lots of misconceptions and mis-information going around about Screen Actors Guild members going Financial Core. Let’s look at what has to say:
1. Turning Fi-Core means you become a Fee Paying 
Non-Member (FPNM).
2.Fi-Core can NOT represent themselves as Screen Actors Guild members on headshots, résumés, electronic submissions or web sites.
3.The presumption by SAG when you go Fi-Core is that your resignation is a permanent decision.
4.Fi-Core Members are viewed as scabs or anti-union by SAG members, directors, and writers—most of whom also belong to entertainment unions.
5.If you turn Fi-Core, you cannot participate in iActor, the free SAG online casting program—or take advantage of other member benefits.


REMEMBER: If you are choosing financial core because you were asked to work on a non-union project, you’re missing out on an opportunity for the Guild to organize the project for you and all Guild members. If you’re asked to do a non-union project, call the Guild at (323) 549-6667 so they can try to organize the project before you make a decision that could significantly affect your career.


If you need more information … SAG is here to help.
Contact you nearest SAG office. Actors Reporter encourages you to call a Guild representative to get all the facts about financial core. It may be your right to turn Financial Core … but is it right for you?


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