Free Residual Summary Chart from entertainment attorney Jonathan Handel

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Published: Thursday, July 1st, 2010





Entertainment attorney Jonathan Handel creates a Residuals Summary Chart to take the complexity out of figuring actors’ residuals.
Residuals are complex. Flummoxed by formulas? Most people are. Whether it’s 1.2% of gross, 100% of TAM, or the complexities of new media, it’s easy to find your knickers in a twist if you spend more than a few minutes puzzling over this stuff.


Puzzle no longer — or, at least, not as much as before. Attorney Handel managed to compress most of the guild and union residuals formulas onto a single page color chart. A second page gives cross-references to the actual sections and paragraphs of the guild and union agreements themselves.


That means you can look up the actual contract language and marvel at its opacity.


The chart’s not available in stores, but it is free, and suitable for framing. You could also laminate it for a nice placemat. Get your copy here: (check back from time to time for updates). Feel free to print, email and distribute. And let me know if you have corrections or comments.


For more information, please visit Jonathan Handel’s blog at:





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