To Work or Not To Work (Without an Equity Contract)

Your Host Kim Estes
Published: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010




To Work or Not To Work
(Without an Equity Contract)


The best (and shortest) answer is “never.” There is never a reason for an Equity member to work without a contract. Accepting such work undermines the union’s considerable efforts to maintain standards for professional actors and stage managers. Often, by involving Equity, terms can be reached with even the most reluctant producers to bring the show under contract.


Sometimes actors ask: how about if this theatre is really small-time? or how about if this gig is really short? or how about if I’m just doing it as a favor?


Equity has endeavored to be flexible by creating contracts that cover all levels of work. Agreements such as Special Appearance, Guest Artist, Business Theatre and Staged Reading can often be utilized to bring the work onto Equity contract. If you’re wondering, call Equity!



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